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ShareBuilder 401k: Best All-online 401(k) Provider

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ShareBuilder 401k differentiates itself by providing a complete online experience for users who seek it. It focuses on providing low-cost 401(k) plans for self-employed individuals and small businesses, including the lowest cost, best-in-class investment options. With ShareBuilder 401k, small business owners can pay a fixed fee completely online to make plans and start investing immediately.

Investment options

ShareBuilder 401k provides specific types of managed investment portfolios, including:

Index ETF: ShareBuilder 401k can provide plan participants with about 12 low-cost index ETFs with annual fee ratios of 0.39% or lower.

Model portfolio: Participants can use five different model portfolios, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETF), real estate investment trusts (REIT) and other investments.

Setup and plan management

Although the 401(k) plan offered by ShareBuilder 401k has only one participant, it specializes in businesses with 6 to 10 employees. This is ideal for companies that think they will grow soon. ShareBuilder 401k focuses on the following:

  • Plan management
  • Investment platform
  • ShareBuilder 401k cost

The fixed fee plans provided by ShareBuilder 401k vary according to the type of plan you have established and the number of plan participants. The smaller the number of participants, the lower the cost.

Type of FeeFee
Plan Administration Fee$25 to $110 monthly
Annual Fund Fee0.04% to 0.39% annually
One-time Setup Fee$150 to $750

Customer service

Although ShareBuilder 401k aims to provide you with a completely simplified online experience and make it work properly, a professional team can still provide support to customers. The service issues dealt with include issues related to online platforms, issues related to investment and management issues. The team is not only free, but also responsive.


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